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You are not the only one who is having a hard time deciding whether to place a kitchen bar right next to where you cook, especially when you also have a dedicated dining room in the house already. Truth be told, that decision is much less of a yes, or no proposition, as it is a proposition about what kind of bar do you envision. Most people pick the same colour as their kitchen walls, and it is best not to pick any colour for your kitchen bar, and the kitchen bar chairs, that is going to be in too much contrast with the rest. Also, picking dark colours has negative psychological connotations in the morning, and is not recommended.

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Provided that you put a conscious effort into picking stable bar stools for kitchen island, without much carvings on the back to let chilly air through, then people who sit on them can be active participants in helping you. Slicing raw ingredients, mixing eggs for you when you are too busy with setting up the oven, or measuring volume of water needed to mix in as you pay attention to the gas on the strove.

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Kitchen bars are in reality very intimate places, where you go sit in the morning to have your hot coffee immediately after it’s been made. It is where you pour new coffee, when you have drank the previous cup empty already, while reading a newspaper.

kitchen bar stools

Of course the question of how often will the bar stools kitchen be used comes down to comfort. Which is why employing kitchen bar stools with backs, and probably |eather’s essential, contrary to the mock ups you see with hard wooden kitchen bar stools, or even ones made of metal, which in contest to pure while or green, or yellow paint on the walls curbs appetite.

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Provided that they do not have any cushioning on top, those are going to make everyone uncomfortable after a while. And after all, a kitchen bar doesn’t even have to be a full-size bar with extra cupboards if you have no room for that. It can well be a simple flat desk on two legs, doubling as a food processing table when you cook.

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