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Organizing a kitchen with limited space can be challenging especially when you have a lot of kitchenware. In order to make use of the little space, it can be a great idea to install a kitchen over the sink shelf. That will not only provide an ample space for storing glassware, spices and cookbooks but will also make these items reachable while preparing food. But before you get started with your kitchen remodel project, there are a number of things you need to put in mind.

Here are some of great ideas to consider before installing an over-the-sink shelf:

Consider a Small Open Over-The-Sink Shelf

No matter how small it might be, an over-the-sink shelf that’s strategically installed will provide enough space for your glassware, cutlery and cooking wine. This kind of shelf will also help keep a clear, open and airy look on your kitchen. And for sleek kitchen with modern style, the shelf can work towards accentuating the kitchen’s overall look.

2-Tier Shelf for A Sink That’s Situated near a Large Kitchen Window

For kitchens that are designed with taller kitchen faucets, installing a two-tier over-the-sink shelf can be the perfect way to create extra space. This kind of shelf can be ideal for storing soap, kitchen towels, lotion, small plants and more. A sleek over-the-sink shelf design can also add a modern touch to your kitchen decor.

Wooden Kitchen over the sink shelf

Majority of the over the sink shelves are simple in design but provide greater functionality and look on the kitchen. Purchasing a wooden shelf can be cheaper and more convenient because you can perform a DIY installation. That will allow you to save on the cost of remodeling project while achieving maximum use of your kitchen space.

Consider the Color Scheme of Your Kitchen

Some people are in love with a light, air and white color scheme while others prefer a dark, traditional and comfortable style. Regardless of your preferred taste, you need to choose an over-the-sink shelf with accents that complete the entire kitchen. You can choose pure white, copper or black accents. Seek advice if you’re carrying out complete remodeling to ensure a sleek look even after adding the shelf.


These kitchen over the sink shelf ideas can be helpful especially for those looking forward to remodeling the kitchen and creating more space for arranging items. But before getting started it’s important for one to consider the size of kitchen space, the color scheme and most importantly the location of the sink.
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